Surge protection for coaxial cable SP-RG59

  • The Functions and Characteristics of SP-RG59 lighting arrester
  • SP-RG59 lighting arrester is designed from IEC standard, it is divided into F connector, N connector, BNC connector, also, it is fit for preventing coaxial communication facilities from lighting and surge, such as cctv system, common television system, satellite-television receiving system, surveillance control system and video swift system, etc
  •  It can avoid serious damage which made by thunder and lightning induced voltage, electric network voltage undulation disturbance, static discharge, and impact surge voltage


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  • Using multilevel protection circuit, choosing the famous international brand products as central components.
  • It has great flow capacity, low-level persistent voltage, sensitive reaction, steady capability, and low-loss insert.
  • The installation and maintenance is very easy and convenient, and it need not pay special attention to maintain. (It also can be installed with FCS01  as standard 35mm conductor rail)
  • Novel designed, possessing feature and manner of a famous brand.

Installation and Maintenance:

  • The lighting arrester should be linked between the access of signal and the protected equipment.
  • The input of the lighting arrester should connect the protected equipment, do not connect in the opposite direction.
  • Credibly connect the grounding lines of the lighting arrester and the lighting protection system. This product need not pay special attention to maintain, but please notice waterproof. When the operating system goes wrong, please check the lighting arrester after removing it. If the lighting arrester recovers by restoring it to unused condition, please change the lighting arrester.