ELDES Wireless Anti-Mask motion detector EWP-EXT

  • For outside use
  • Microwave with Anti-mask


Liko tik 1



Wireless band ISM868 or ISM915*
Wireless communication range Up to 3000m (-9843ft) in open areas
Compatible with alarm systems ESIM384; Pitbull Alarm PRO
Installation on the wall Coverage 15 m, 90°
Frequency microwave 10.525 GHz
Alarm technology DSP(Digital Signal Processing)
Detection distance 5-15 m
Detection areas 8 zones
Installation height 0,8-1,4 m (1 m is suggested)
Detection mode Selectable: AND or triple AND
Power supply 3-10 V DC
Protection polarity inversion Yes
Low battery display Yes, via LED, minimum 2,7 V
Standby consumption <12 uA
Max consumption 35 mA
Alarm contact NC-NO 50mA
Microwave setting Trimmer
Alarm time 2s
LED display Blue: alarm, Red: IR up and down, Yellow: Microwave
Detection Speed 0.2-3 m/s
RFI/EMI Immunity 10 V/m tra 0.1MHz-2 GHz
Light Immunity 10000 Lux
Tamper NC-NO 100 mA
Programming By dip switch
Operating temperature -20°C…+60°C
IP Protection IP54
Autocompesation IR Yes
Warm-up time 60s
Inhibition time 3 minutes
Weight 457g
Dimensions 200x120x135mm
*Depends on region