• Allows to control Your smart home and security system without a phone
  • Soft touch
  • Orange
  • Supercharged with LTC technology, no need to change battery at least 10 years
  • Precise command feedback by LED indicator and Sound
  • Call for an emergency when in need (panic alarm feature)
  • Working distance up to 1.7 km





Wireless signal range Up to 1700m in open areas
Battery operation time Up to 10 years*
Smart home control Up to 8 programmable actions (each button supports short and long press action)
Panic button Configure any button to send silent panic alarm
Battery type 3V Lithium CR2450 type 5029LC (ANSI/NEDA)
Wireless band ISM868
Color of enclosure Black; Mint; Coral
Range of operating temperatures -10…+55 °C
Humidity 0-90% RH @ 0… +40°C (non-condensing)
Dimensions 69x35x12.6mm
Certificates CE and Grade2**
Compatible with ESIM384; PITBULL ALARM PRO (with the latest FW version)