Control panel and keypad set SECOLINK P16+KM24G

  • 7/14 wired areas
  • Connection of two-wire smoke detectors
  • 16 wireless zones
  • 3 PGM outputs
  • 31 users
  • 4 areas
  • Up to 15 keyboards
  • 512 event memory
  • Contact ID
  • EN50131, Grade2


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On-board wired zones 7/14 (doubling)
2-wire smoke detector input 1
On-board wireless zones 16
Maximum zones in system 16
On-board PGM 3
Maximum PGM in system 16
User + installer codes 31+1
Duress code X1, X2, X3, X4 (when X4 = X4 + 1)
Defaulting user code Yes
Key switch zone Yes
Partitions 4
„Shared“ partition (common area) Yes
System timers 16
Maximum keypads/modules in system 15
Keypad compatibility All SECOLINK keypads
Event log buffer 512
PSTN communicator Plug-on
In-built interface for backup communicator TTL Serial
Data bus protocol KRBUS
Total phone numbers: CMS reporting + personal dialing 9
Maximum phone numbers for personal dialing Up to 5
Maximum phone numbers for CMS reporting Up to 4
Reporting protocol Contact ID
Voice guide for system control over PSTN Yes
Voice guide for system programming over PSTN Yes
„Roller“ detector type Yes
„Vibration“ detector type Yes
„Vibration“ zone speed (sensitivity) 0.01 – 0.25 sec.
Normal zone speed (sensitivity) 0.1 – 2.5 sec.
Zone loop (detector) type NC, NO, NC/EOL, NO/EOL, NC/DEOL, NO/DEOL, Vibration, Roller
Arming mode Away, Max Away, Night, Stay.
Zone definition Entry/exit, entry/exit forced, interior, interior night armed, follower, follower night armed, perimeter, instant, PGM control; 24h: burglary, panic silent, panic audible, tamper, fire, smoke, fire button, medical button, fire supervisory, low water level, RF Jam, gas detected, water leakage, high temperature, low temperature
Zone attributes Enable bypass, no alarm, arm when door is closed, entry route, exit route, fire verification, limitation of alarms, limitation of reporting, pre-alarm, armed night
PGM definition Fire alarm, fire/burglary alarm, burglary alarm, tamper alarm, technical alarm, selected alarms, chime, zone violation, bypass status, selected trouble, exit/entry warning, exit/arm status, full arm status, power supply, resettable power supply, fire power supply, timer, mono/bi switch
PGM attributes Inversion, pulsation, latch, pre-alarm, arm notification, arming failure notification, disarm notification, clear alarm notification, armed in specific mode
Rated voltage of power supply (AC) ~20 V
Minimum AC voltage
(note: ~16 V input voltage lets control panel to generate max 0.7 A output current)
~16 V
Maximum AC voltage
(Note: higher than ~22 V voltage can damage control panel)
~22 V
Maximum long term output current of control panel (I+AUX + I+BELL + I+PGM + battery charge) ≤1.5 A
Maximum current of slow blowing fuse used in primary AC 250 mA
Maximum AC power consumption 150 mA
Minimum voltage on +AUX, +BELL, +PGM outputs 12 V
Maximum voltage on +AUX, +BELL, +PGM outputs 13.9 V
Maximum current out of +AUX +1 A
Maximum current out of +BELL +2 A
Maximum current into -PGM -0.3 A
Maximum current out of +PGM +0.5 A
Short circuit, overload protection of +BELL, +PGM, +AUX Electronic
Battery charge, +BELL, +AUX current measurement Yes
Failed (waste) backup battery disconnection Yes
Maximum battery charging current 0.35 A
Maximum current of fast blowing fuse used in battery circuit 3.15 A
Control panel disconnect battery when it’s voltage less than 9.5 V
Recommended backup battery 12 V, 7 Ah / 20 Hr
Operational compliance +EN50131, Grade2
Overall dimensions W x H in mm 145 x 77
Environmental compliance ROHS
Operating temperature -10oC up to +50oC
Production status In production
Latest firmware version v0.03
In-field firmware upgrade (by USB) Yes
On-Board zones 2
On-Board PGM 1 (open collector up to 15 mA)
Ambient temperature measurement Yes
LCD type Graphic: 240 x 120 dots
Keys in keypad 24
Programmable fast keys (F-Keys) 32
Data bus protocol KRBUS
Zone loop (detector) type NC, NO, NC/EOL, NO/EOL, NC/DEOL, NO/DEOL
Maximum wiring distance to CP 300 m
Power supply 9 – 14 V
Voltage measurement on keypad Yes
Current consumption Backlight on 80 mA, Backight off < 68 mA.
On-Board sounder Speaker
Backlight color  Display = blue, keypad = blue
Character set Major character sets of the world.
User interface type Navigation menu with short help text system.
Overall dimensions W x H in mm 92 x 133
Environmental compliance ROHS
Operating temperature 0oC up to +50oC
Interface for keypad settings programming USB
Interface for keypad firmware updating USB