PIR Detector Texecom Premier Elite DT

  • 15/50 Detection Range (m/ft)
  • X-band doppler
  • Adjustable microwave range
  • Mounting Brackets (available separately)
  • Digital Temperature Compensation
  • Digital Pulse Count
  • Microprocessor Technology
  • Interchangeable PCB Module
  • Multiple LED Indication
  • PD6662:2010 Grade 2 Class II


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Texexom Premier Elite DT has a fifteen meter volumetric and microwave range and sealed optical system. The motion sensor technology has a interchangeable PCB so you can easily swap detection modules making sure you always have the correct sensor and will future proof your security installation. Texecom Premier Elite DT has a adjustable microwave range, multiple LED indication and a digital pulse count making this detector a perfect security solution.