FENCE IR Beam Detector ABI100-172

SKU: BJABI100172
  • Multi-beam infrared barrier
  • 10 beams
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • 5-100m





Model ABI100-172
Outdoor Range 5-100m 
Height 172cm
Beams 10
Detection method Simultaneous interruption of adjacent 2 infrared beams
Beam frequency 2 channel ( A and B )
Power supply DC11~18V
Current 50~90mA max
Response speed 40msec
Alarm output Switch ouput signal, NO, NC optional
Tamper NC, opens when cover removed
Operation temperature -25℃ to +55℃
Operation humidity Maximus 95%
Alignment Angle Horizontal 180°(±90°), Vertical unadjustable
IP rating IP65
Material PC engineering plastic, Aluminum housing