FORTEZA FMC24 (100m)

  • Microwave bistatic detector
  • 24.15GHz
  • Detection zone 5-100m, width 2-4m
  • 8 channels
  • Manual/Android config
  • IP55


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Detection zone length


The detector generates alarms when

  • a person crosses a detection zone at a speed of 0,3…10m/sec.;
  • supply voltage is below normal one;
  • there is an attempt to mask a receiving unit of the detector;
  • there is an attempt to demount the detector;
  • the detector units are out of order.

Probability of detection

0,98 minimum

Power supply

9 – 30 V

Maximum consumption current

0,3 mA

Maximum time of availability for operation after power supply is ON

30 s

Minimum time of an alarm

3 s

Alarm contact loading capacity

 30 VDC @ 0.1 A

IP degree of protection


Working frequency

24,15 GHz