IR Beam Detector ABE-250

SKU: BJAN900-B250
  • Triple beams, digital frequency conversion, active infrared detector


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  • Triple beams
  • Digital frequency conversion
  • Active infrared detector
  • Triple beams simultaneously blocked inspection
  • Infrared LED lighting
  • Detachable sighting telescope
  • PC engineering plastic material
  • Dew and frost proof solution: heating housing
  • Other additional functions: photic instruction, OK instruction, test terminal,multilevel LED indicator
  • Detecting distance(outdoor) 250m  
  • Beams:3 Beams
  • Response speed:50-700msec adjustable
  • Alarm output:1C relay contact output ,contact capability DC30V/0.5A MAX
  • Power and voltage:DC12~24V,AC11~18V
  • Operation current: 70mAmax/ 80mAmax /90mA max/100mAmax/100mAmax
  • Working temperature:-25℃~55℃
  • Tamper output:1Bcontact output,DC30V/0.5A MAX
  • Optical axis adjust angle(horizontal):180°(±90°)
  • Optical axis adjust angle(vertical):20°(±10°)