Concept Elite LCD Terminal

> SKU: CON995000ML
  • The Elite LCD Terminal is used in systems to perform programming and user operations, display alarm messages and review system activity. User operation is enhanced with a backlit keypad for positive PIN & data entry and indicator LEDs to provide Area/system status information.
  •  Installation is simplified with the addition of screw terminals for wiring, and the ability to set the module number from the keypad. 
  • Flush or surface mount options, Tamper monitoring, Zones & Auxiliary outputs are all still provided.


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  • Power Supply Input: 11V to 14V DC
  • Operational Current: Normal: 20mA Max: 45mA
  • Auxiliary Output Current: 100mA max. Each.
  • Physical dimensions: Height: 143mm, Width: 89mm, Depth: 28mm
  • Installation environment: 0º – 40º C @ 15% to 85% Rel. humidity (non-cond.)