Ethernet communicator ELAN3-ALARM

  • The device is synced with alarm system ESIM364 and GSM/GPRS communicator ET082. ELAN3-ALARM is an Ethernet-based communicator that enables instant Internet access, allowing to establish a communication between ESIM364 or ET082 and EGR100, Kronos IP, SIA IP protocol-based monitoring station software. The product can be used to connect ESIM364 to Eldes Smart Security platform. Ethernet communicator enables remote configuration of ESIM364 and ET082. ELAN3-ALARM suits where GSM/GPRS connection is weak, it also works as additional backup connection.


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Power supply 10-24V 50Hz ~ 210mA max. / 10-24V 210mA max.
Supported Ethernet connectivity 10/100 Mbit
Humidity 0-90% RH @ 0… +40 °C (be kondensacijos)
Operating temperature range -20…+55 °C
Dimensions 63x82x17 mm