PIR Detector PATROL 801PET

  • Combined digital pir & glass break detector with pet immunity up to 30kg patrol-801pet is a combination of pir and acoustic glass break detectors
  • The PIR detector analyzes the environment and detects the person’s motion crossing the infrared beam. The acoustic Glass Break Detectoridentifies the sounds of glass impact and breakage


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Detection speed range 0.3 – 3.0m/sec
Power input 8.5 – 16VDC
Current consumption

In stand-by mode:     18.4mA

In alarm mode with LED on:     19.1mA

In alarm mode with LED off:     14.4mA


Pulse mode 1, 2
Alarm period 3sec
Warm up period 40±2sec
Reset time 5±1sec
Relay output 60V; 120mA; 16O
PIR detection range 15m x 90º
Glass break detection range 12m x 160º
Light immunity no less than 10000Lux
Opening protection TAMPER SWITCH
Operating temperature range -30ºC +50ºC
Storage temperature range -40ºC +80ºC
RFI immunity 30V/m at a frequency range 10MHz – 1000MHz
EMI immunity 50000V
Dimensions 93mm x 66mm x 46mm
Weight 97gr