• PATROL-USM, is designed for professional protection of banks (deposit boxes), museums (museum exhibits, paintings), jewelry stores, branded shopping malls, exhibition and business centers, luxury residences, hotels and private houses, where requires a very high level of security.
  • Combines ultrasonic and microwave progressive technology.
  • Determines motion, intrusion and destruction of walls, doors and all types of glass in protected area.
  • Provides unprecedented protection of objects, where standard PIR and combined PIR & Microwave detectors are not reliable.
  • Operates in low and high environment temperatures.
  • With dual technology provides stable detection and excludes false alarms.


Liko tik 1



Input voltage 9 – 16Vdc
Current consumption in standby mode 44mA
Current consumption in alarm mode 95mA
Warm up period 30±5sec
Ultrasonic channel operating frequency 40kHz
Microwave channel operating frequency 24GHz
Detection range 7m
Maximum protected volume 200m³
Detection angle 170°
Relay output NC; 60V; 120mA; 16Ω
Tamper output NC; 10Ω
Alarm period 3sec
Reset time 5 ± 1sec
Pulse counter 1-7
Installation height 2.0 – 2.5m
Operating temperature range – 30ºC +70ºC
Storage temperature range – 50ºC +85ºC
RFI immunity 30V/м at a frequency range 10MHz-2GHz
EMI immunity 50 000V
Dimension 105mm x 50mm x 22mm
Weight 80gr